Wednesday, November 18, 2009

belated presents!

Richard Tamala, Jr. gave this to me before our philo class, while waiting for our teacher. He said it's his belated bday gift for me.


Kim gave this to me while we were about to go home after our Service Marketing class. She said it's her belated bday gift to me. At first i thought the design was body parts but then she said it's an alien!!:)) (dirty minded?? sori!!!:P) When mom saw it she asked where it came from then I told her kim gave it to me then

she said (mom): 'hala gwapo lagi ni? ako na ni' (while untying the ribbon)
i replied (yang): 'gi hatag na ni kim sa ako'
mom: 'magamit nko ni, asa ni niya napalit?'
yang: 'i think sa ikea kay na read nko ang knife naay ikea'
mom: (whispered to herself) 'ako na ni'
yang: (stared at her)
mom: 'magamit ni bah'

She did not stop there, when she saw the card she took it and attempted to open it then I rapidly took the card
yang: 'mi wla pa nko na nabasa.. ayaw na basahi'
mom:' basahun lang gud nko.. ok lang man na'
yang: 'dli ko oi, absent bah ka tung gi tudlo ang 'respect for privacy'?'
mom: 'dli ko absent, wla lang gyud na sa amung panahon' (laughing)
yang: 'hahaha!:))' (mabuang ko sa imu mi!!:)))


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

happy birthday!

November 17, 2009 is the 20th year of my existence in this world. There's nothing really special about it except for people with huge smiles greeting me a happy birthday. The day went as it normally does. Nevertheless, it went as how I wished it would be. SIMPLE. :)

Thanks for all who greeted and wished me well on my birthday! God bless!:D