Saturday, May 1, 2010

18 years and now it’s over!

18 of my 20 years of living were spent in school. I started going to school when I was 2 years and 7 months old. My dad wasn’t really planning on sending me to school at such a young age but an incident in a mall (or store) made him do so. We were looking for school shoes for my sisters who were then already going to school. When we were at the mall (or store.. not sure) my dad just allowed me to try some shoes there and when we were about to leave I did not take off the shoes so he asked me if I want to go to school. The little me promptly said ‘YES!’ and so he sent me to school on that school year. I can’t really remember any significant thing that happened to me during my nursery years. The things that I can remember are those which are being told to me by my batchmates. One of my batchmates would often tell me of a story that when we were in pre-school my yaya would always pinch me and he would feel sorry when he sees me being battered. Haha! Too bad I can no longer remember those days. I was a lampayatot kid in school. I did not have any close friends in fact all of my friends were mostly civil friends. I was a silent and aloof kid then. Honestly when my batchmates would share stories about our childhood my memory would go blank. I really can’t remember those things that they are saying except for some like the strict teachers that we had and some of the productions that we did with our clown costumes. Hahaha!:P

After 4 years in pre-school grade school came, I was really excited to finally reach grade 1 because I really want to go home late like afternoon because of the cotton candies being sold outside the school. My elementary years were better than my pre-school. My 6 years in elementary was very colorful. Hahaha! I was sent to the prefect of discipline when I was in grade 1 (I think or grade 3) then sent to our class adviser in grade 4 then was called again by the prefect in grade 6 (I was accused of cheating! But I really do not consider it as one. The teacher simply did not do her part in changing the questions of her quiz.) our punishment that time was to pick up garbage inside the campus. We tried to outsmart our prefect so what we did was get the garbage inside the trash can and put it in the plastic that he gave us to fill. It was fun! Hahaha! I also had my first failing mark when I was in grade 6 (science!! I’m not a fan!:P) my interest for sports like soccer and basketball also started when I was in elem. In fact I almost made it to our soccer team too bad my mom did not allow me.:(

Then high school came, the happiest and most memorable time of a student’s life as most people would say. First year, many new students enrolled in our school including my high school kabarkada dennis and andrea. It was fun meeting new people from different schools. I really did not like first year because we had two science books and I am just not a fan of science! Hahaha! Good thing our science teacher was our adviser. One thing I liked in our first year in HS was we had two math subjects! Yaaaaaaayyy!! I know most students hate it but mathematics simply interests me. I really like it because all I need to do was to understand the process and no need to memorize anything meaning no need to study at home! Weeeeeeee!!:D Even if my grades were not as high as those in the honors’ section but the bliss of not having to study the subject simply makes me happy!:D Second year, our ‘sardinas’ year. Our batch had three sections when we were in 1st year but when we were in second year our sections was minimized into two. Meaning there are 40+ of us in each class. At first the idea did not please me. I was placed in the first section with the honor peeps! (BOOOO!!!) having said that, the pressure being in the first section was often thrown by our teachers. They would often remind us that we should behave properly and get high scores which made me ‘hate’ the thought of being in the first section. I find it more fun being in the next two sections which we would often call section B because there’s no pressure. We simply can play around but still manage to pass our subjects. No pressure attached to the section. At times I would feel sorry for those who are in section A because there are a lot of expectations from them it’s like they are living in other people’s standards and that is SAD (of course this is from my point of view.. a point of view of a ‘normal’ student! Haha!). But one thing I liked about our set up was that it made the batch become closer. Third year came, ‘the hardest year in HS’. 3rd year was all right for me. I did not fail any subject.. I like chemistry because just like math all I need was to understand the equation and I’m good to go! haha! I forgot to share that I failed my biology in 2nd year (1 or 2 out of the 4 terms) but my final grade was okay! Going back to our 3rd year, the highlight of this year was our Juniors’ retreat, it simply made us open ourselves to one another and made the batch as one. Some of the barriers were torn down by the retreat which was good for the batch. This was also the year for our English play!:D the play was really fun and it demonstrated the unity of the batch when the backdrop fell off during one of the sections play. Fourth year came, ‘the good bye year’. In this year we really made the most of our senior year. I think we were the most childish batch! Haha! We would play Chinese garter, tigso and all those running around games in school. Our principal would always talk to the seniors and remind us that we are the ‘cream of the crop’ and therefore we should behave properly which we simply took lightly and fondly called our batch as the ‘kreme of the crap’! haha! We also had our seniors’ ball where we dressed up and looked decent atleast for a night. The seniors’ retreat was also fun especially when we had out banquet night where the boys would draw a name of a girl and that girl would be his date for the night. Then graduation came and we had to part our ways.

Hello college! I never thought it would be this FUN! I met a lot of wonderful people in this stage of my student life. Not to mention, I can say college helped develop my leadership skills. It gave me avenues to showcase what kind of a leader I am. Not only that, I can also say I became a better student in college than I was in my high school. My first year in college was something I never thought it would be. Honestly, I thought I would never build friendships in college good thing I thought wrong!:) I was able to meet a lot of good and different wonderful kinds of people which has also contributed a lot of who I am today. College is something I’ll never forget. I was also able to build good relationships with my teacher who until now I still look up to and see them as mentors. I give my utmost respect to these people who have molded me to who I am today. College had a lot of twists and turns, with all the projects, requirements, quizzes, exam, plays, and of course, the pain in the ass teachers (sorry for using the word!:P). But all these helped compose my wonderful college experience.

Now after my student years, I look forward to what God has planned for me. I am not certain of what will happen to me tomorrow but I have faith in God who I know for sure will never leave me or forsake me!

For sure it would be another one FUN ride!:D

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