Friday, October 9, 2009

dahil ako'y kanilang kinukulit

I have been reading my friend Jenny's blog for quite some time and I can say that I had fun reading it. Reading her blog actually pushed me into making my own. I truly admire her gift of being able to express clearly her thoughts and feelings through words.
As for me, I am confident that I am not talented in that area. I actually find it hard to express my feelings which is probably why people view me as a reserved person. I rarely tell people how I feel. Most of the time, I just express my thoughts through actions and hope that others are sensitive enough to know how I feel. I can truly say that I am quite a complicated person and I can honestly say that I keep a lot of things to myself. OK! enough about me!:p

WELL, as for my another friend Kring, I read her blog a few moments ago and I can truly say that she's quite a writer as well. Her poem (I presume that it was a poem) was good.:D I have always been proud of her. Her achievements in life I can truly say is something that she earned through her hard work and she deserve every applause she gets from the people.

These two girls were the ones who pushed me into writing this blog. They made me feel compelled to write a blog for the reason that they have their blogspots (at their FREE WILL). Quite a deal huh? Not only that, they also instructed me to write this in english, not in bisaya nor in filipino. And so please bear with me if you find it hard to understand what I am trying to say because I have never been a good writer nor an expert in english. Nevertheless I tried!:p


  1. I am very glad that you've finally decided to write your own blog as well. I was thinking this could be a very good means of updating each other about the happenings in our lives (especially after graduation-Lord willing)or it will be a way to share our thoughts. Thanks anyways for those praises:) I appreciate it a lot. I'm telling you, you're also good! And I believe we'll get better as we continue writing. Let's be positive and let's ENJOY this! love you yang! :)

  2. haha! we are so english! LOL! pag xur oi! hahaha! lgi mag blog2 nlng ta para naa sad lingaw mabasahan.. LOL!:p

  3. ingnan english lageh., kring ba..nasunggo ko..:P

  4. jenny please don't violate the rules. :p and yang, i told you to say everything in english. lols :P

    i am having so much fun here. :)

  5. im happy for you yang!:) this is soo old yet im so proud!:)