Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Yesterday I went home early because I wanted to watch PBB Uber it was about 5pm when I got home and upon my arrival my mom was about to go to victoria because she needed to buy something there. Then suddenly shoti (younger brother) asked mom to buy him a Lay's a potato chip snack upon hearing it I suddenly prompted and said I wanted a Potato Corner Fries but it seemed like mom didn't know what it is or where so buy it so I told her to buy me a Smokey's footlong hotdog instead(it's been years since I had one). While mom was out I waited patiently for her at home while watching TV. When they arrived, I hurriedly went at the back of the house to check and see if she really bought me one. Sad to say, I didn't get my request instead she told me to bring the bag of groceries at home. I was really disappointed because I really waited for my hotdog.:( While we were in the room, she told me to get the bag of Cheetos and hide it from shoti because he might get it and eat it all up. Soon then I realized that she bought me a bag of Cheetos instead of Smokey's hotdog because she knew I also liked it. I was somehow happy that she bought something for me after all.. thanks MOM!:D


  1. how sweet tita lourds!!!! share your cheetos yang! :P

  2. hahaha! xur2! ang supot sa cheetos pwd pa nimu tu magamit.. lol!:))